Parcelsea smart mailbox accepts all your deliveries.

15€, Per month

About smart mailbox

Parcelsea smart mailbox is your personal locker, that accepts and delivers your packages in a secure and contact-free way, without you even being home. The smart mailbox is made of 3 different size sections and fits various package sizes, letters, and up to 5 grocery bags.

Parcelsea mailbox


Contact-free solution accepts deliveries for you 24/7 without you being there.

Different sections

Parcelsea smart mailbox has different sections that can hold multiple packages at the same time (from large to extra small) and up to 5 grocery bags.


Smart mailbox will be delivered and installed in a chosen location at your home. Parcelsea team will also make a short introduction to get us acquainted.

Open solution

Empty sections are always open, which means that all courier companies, retail stores, friends and even the neighbour can deliver packages to you.


Only the owner can access the deliveries using an app or PIN. Delivery persons can only access empty sections.

Sends and accepts packages

Parcelsea smart mailbox accepts your ordered packages, and you can also send packages to someone via the smart mailbox or just leave packages to someone.

How does it work?

Install smart mailbox at your home

Order delivery from online retailer

Order home

Couriers only have access to empty sections which will lock after delivery

Recieve delivery information by SMS

Retrieving the package


Accepts groceries, newpapers, mail and packages of different sizes (L, M, XS).
Your deliveries and food are secure with the smart mailbox.
You will receive a text message when the delivery has arrived.
You can also send packages or leave packages with someone via the smart mailbox.
Battery operated which lasts up to 1 year.
Weatherproof: working temperatures are between -25C/-13F and +60C/140F.

Recent installations

parcelsea smart mailbox parcel box parcel locker personal locker
parcelsea smart mailbox parcel box parcel locker personal locker
parcelsea smart mailbox parcel box parcel locker personal locker
parcelsea smart mailbox parcel box parcel locker personal locker
Being at home with 2 toddlers makes finding even a few minutes to accept packages such a headache. With the Parcelsea smart mailbox, there is one less issue to worry about. I also love the design - it fits perfectly with our home!
Triin, mother of 2
I order online quite often and end up having to plan my day around receiving the deliveries. Sometimes it’s hard to make it happen and the packages are taken to the post office, which is very time-consuming. Parcelsea smart mailbox has completely removed the hassle around recieving my packages. 
Toomas, entrepreneur
I am a big fashion e-shopper, where often e-shops ensure free home delivery, but usually, I refuse – it is just not worth the wait time of the courier. Fortunately, Parcelsea's smart mailbox turned it around and as an active person, it is a great victory for me to receive the goods directly to my home (smart mailbox) both in terms of time and money!
Karin, CEO
We have three animals and two people at home. For animals, we often order things from foreign pet stores, where the selection is larger and the prices are cheaper. However, these orders are delivered by a courier and it is especially convenient if a smart mailbox is available in front of the house. The thing I enjoy most about a smart mailbox is knowing that if something unexpected happens and I need to leave home quickly, I have a backup plan.
Carmen, dog owner
I was earlier using parcel box but could only get DHL parcels delivered there. The possibility to order parcels from all couriers makes the Parcelsea Smart mailbox much more convenient for me.
Hans, 52, former parcel box user
Having a family with three kids means we consume lots of food every week. Since not always being able to plan everything up front, I would like to order groceries several times a week. Leaving from home to travel to the nearest pick-up point is always quite a show and that’s what I love about my new Parcelsea smart mailbox. I don’t need to create my schedule according to grocery pick-ups.
Ilse, 35, online grocery shopper
I have worked from home since the pandemic started and as an asthmatic, I try to avoid extra physical contact. The contactless delivery to my smart mailbox makes it possible for me to leave packages safely in the box for several hours and then pick them up after a while.
Sven, 58, home office worker
I love the modern design of the smart mailbox.
Martin, 28, architect
We order something almost every day and also return many items (like clothing) that didn’t fit. Due to days packed with video calls, we previously asked the courier to leave the parcels at the door. However, we had several parcels missing (stolen) and couldn’t continue ordering like that. Parcelsea smart mailbox solved this problem for us in a very convenient way.
Hanna, 44, customer success manager

Personal mailbox • Smart mailbox for your home

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