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FAQ ParcelSea

Can I also send off my packages via the smart mailbox?

The possibility to send parcels is available as an additional function in the smart mailbox! With the help of unique PIN codes (PIN code for each cell separately), you can safely leave your parcels to the courier and send the parcels when you're away from home. 

You can read more about using other available features and the smart mailbox here.

Which courier companies deliver to personal parcel boxes?

ParcelSea smart mailbox is an open solution – the cells are always open if they do not have packages inside. This means that parcels can actually be placed there by all courier companies and even by a neighbor. Although, the courier may still call while delivering the parcels and say that he will be delivering soon.

Is ParcelSea also suitable for people living outside the town?

People living away from the city noise can also buy or rent a ParcelSea smart mailbox today. The prerequisite for ordering smart mailbox packages is to be in the delivery area of ​​various e-shops and couriers. See also 10 reasons why you should own a smart mailbox.

Where should a private smart mailbox be placed?

We will place the parcel box in the location you want! Although, if you have a locked garden or a dog in the yard, the mailbox should be placed on the street. Also, the adjustable leg of the ParcelSea box is built so that the location can also be on a slope. If accessibility and safety are guaranteed, a smart mailbox can also be placed in the yard.

What if something breaks down?

There is also a warranty included in the price of the rental model – if nothing works, you should report it to In the case of buying a parcel box, the warranty is valid for 2 years.

What happens when the battery runs out?

The battery of the smart mailbox lasts for one year. From there, the owner can either charge the battery himself or order maintenance, during which they will replace the battery.

Are the packages safe in the smart mailbox?

Yes they are! First, the ParcelSea mailbox is made of steel. The cells are also shaded from rain and moisture. Only you can access the packages with the unique code. The courier only has access to empty boxes. If the smart mailbox already contains packages, it can only be accessed if the owner has unlocked it.

What are the dimensions of a private parcel box?

The total size of the smart mailbox is 800 mm x 600 mm x 850 mm and it consists of three compartments (L, M, XS).

L: 472mm x 530mm x 526mm 

M: 252mm x 367mm x 526mm

XS: 252mm x 120mm x 390mm

Mail can be inserted through an opening on the side and will fall into the XS compartment.

What happens when the machine is full of packages?

If there are already parcels in all three boxes, the courier will contact the owner. The owner can open the smart mailbox remotely and, if there is still space, the courier can put the parcel in the same box as another parcel.

Is the home parcel box only available in one size (including compartments size) and color?

Currently, ParcelSea is only available in one size and one color with three different compartments. (You can get a good overview of the design of the smart mailbox in our product video). The possibility to choose sizes, colors and compartments is also available on the table at the moment and in the near future with a modular system!

Can the ParcelSea mailbox be installed to apartments?

At the moment, our main focus is on the personal smart mailboxes, but since the interest is also quite high in the apartment building solution, we also have it in the development plan. However, it depends on the size of the apartment building – our current smart mailbox has also been ordered by smaller cooperatives with about 4 apartments. In their case, there is one master user who receives notifications about the arrival of packages and coordinates orders with each other. The smart mailbox can also be opened via a PIN pad, i.e. all members of the association will receive packages from the smart mailbox.

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